William Matthews

Colonial New York: Land of the Patroon and The Longhouse, 1666–1754

We’ll explore the foundational period of New York History, through the Dutch Patroon system of the Hudson Valley and the geopolitical developments of the Iroqouis league. Discover the amazing geospatial flexibility of Haudenosaunee peoples and their unique cultural qualities of assimilation. Witness the threads of Dutch influence through the cultural and geographic development of the Patroonships, as they transformed to a manor system under English rule. Follow these peoples on syncretic frontier and track their interwoven destiny, in a battle to control the water route to the center of the world.

[Recorded August 12, 2023]

William Matthews is a former APUSH Educator and History Department Chair in New York City. He holds an MSEd in Social Studies Secondary Education and is the host of the Podcast “New York, Quebec and The Water Route to The Center of The World.” Mr. Matthews is a current member of French Colonial Historical Society and The Society for Military History. He was a recipient of both Colonial Williamsburg Teaching Institute and Fort Ticonderoga War College Scholarship.

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