Tom Hand

America’s First Century and Why It Matters

America’s first century—the period of its founding and early development—holds immense importance for the nation. By examining the struggles, triumphs, and principles that guided the nation’s founders, we gain a deeper appreciation for our country. Tom Hand, founder and creator of Americana Corner, captures the essence of the interplay between education and preservation in America. By educating individuals through a series of articles and videos about the significance of America’s first century and preserving its cultural and historical treasures through the Preserving America Grant program, Tom lays the groundwork for a future where the nation’s principles, values, and achievements continue to guide and inspire. Tom reminds us of the importance of understanding the past to build a brighter future and encourages active engagement in educating and preserving America for generations to come.

[Recorded August 12, 2023]

Tom Hand

Tom Hand is the creator and publisher of Americana Corner ( | Twitter: @americanacorner), a site he started in 2020. He spends most of his time writing for Americana Corner and helping charities with a focus on early America. Tom serves on the Board of Trustees for the American Battlefield Trust and the National Park Foundation’s National Council. He is a West Point graduate, Class of 1982, enjoys reading books on American history and classic novels, as well as gardening, playing his guitar and singing, and traveling the byways and waterways of America.

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