Welcome to History Camp Discussions

History Camp Discussions is a weekly event that welcomes historians, researchers, and authors for an informal chat (usually about 45 minutes) about their work, research, or recent publications. In the spirit of History Camp, we welcome a wide variety of topics and coverage and welcome different points of views.

Be Our Guest on History Camp Discussions!

History Camp Author Discussions broadcasts Thursday evenings at 8pm, Eastern, right here on HistoryCamp.org—all are free for anyone to join. And if you miss a broadcast, you can view prior Author Discussions in our archive on HistoryCamp.org.

Authors can also offer copies of their publications on The History List (for signed materials) or through our The Pursuit of History bookshop.

History Camp Discussions welcomes all aspects of history that may be of interest to our (primarily) American audience. In this forum, we welcome historians, researchers, and authors in a setting that will highlight their scholarship. (Please note that the only “out of bounds” topics are recent politics.)

And while our talks are not “infomercials,” speaking about the topic of your research and being generous with your knowledge is a great way to draw people to your talk—and raise interest in your work. Additionally, History Camp also offers our speakers to list their books in our bookshop storefront, offer signed copies, and take questions from participants—allowing you to interact as you would at a traditional book-signing event, but with a global audience.

If you have a topic you would like to talk about, which may be related to research for an upcoming book or a recently published one, contact us at ideas@historycamp.org.

[Note: History Camp, a project of The Pursuit of History, and related entities reserve the right to accept or reject any proposals for any reason, and without explanation. Terms of use, broadcast, and rebroadcast of recordings of all events produced by The Pursuit of History will be outlined in terms agreed to by parties in advance of broadcast. We aim to make materials as publicly accessible, without charge, as possible to benefit all those who love history.]

If you would like to see a particular topic or author presented, please reach out to them directly and ask them to contact us at ideas@historycamp.org.

We do not have staff researching and booking guests. So if you think something should be covered or someone should be included, please reach out to them directly and encourage them to make an inquiry.