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Lee Wright
Lee WrightFounder and President, History Camp and The Pursuit of History
m: 469-233-7712
Carrie Lund
Carrie LundFounder and Executive Director, The Pursuit of History
m: 720-979-7905

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Sine 2015, History Camp Iowa has been held annually in Des Moines. Our most recent event welcomed more than 100 passionate history enthusiasts who came together to share their stories in two dozen sessions and joined us on outings to historic sites in and around Des Moines. If you have a suggestion for an outing or would like to apply to present at the next History Camp Iowa, sign-up for our email list. You will receive information as soon as the next History Camp Iowa call for presenters is announced.

History Camp Iowa is a independent event, organized entirely by volunteers under the History Camp un-conference model.