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As a history enthusiast and a homeschool mom I have attended History Camp many times.  It always reignites my passion for history and gives me new ideas for unit studies, little-known nooks and crannies of local and national history that I can bring home to use with my family’s education.  I trust History Camp’s content to be exciting, pertinent and thought-provoking. — Melissa Robb, Rhode Island

Live events weekly and annually

In addition to our archives, we have live in-person and and online events annually. The next one is History Camp America 2022 on November 5 and we have a short overview video and complete details below. One registration fee covers your entire family.

Every week we stream discussions with outstanding history authors Thursday night at 8 pm (Eastern)—no registration required—and we record these and add them to our archive so you can view them anytime.

As a homeschooling parent and a history-lover, I was thrilled to discover The History Camp programs during the lockdowns. They have enabled our family to visit sites and learn unique history we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. I highly recommend them to supplement any learning, homeschooling or otherwise. — Rob Nofsinger, Snohomish, Washington

History as it happened, in-depth, complex, fascinating

Not simply the places, dates, and names, but what happened and why, and the stories of the men and women who made history large and small. Here are some highlights from our archive of presentations, discussions, and tours:

  • Washington in Cambridge and the Siege of Boston—See where George Washington stayed in Cambridge and Boston and climb up to Dorchester Heights where Washington mounted the canon that ended the siege of Boston. Your guide on this walking tour is J.L. Bell, author of the daily Boston 1775 and the book, The Road to Concord: How Four Stolen Cannon Ignited the Revolutionary War.
  • Frederick Douglass—Insights from discussions with three authors, David W. Blight, PhD, author of Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom, recipient of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for History; Linda Hirshman, author of The Color of Abolition: How a Printer, a Prophet, and a Contessa Moved a Nation; and, Michael Burlingame, author of The Black Man’s President: Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and the Pursuit of Racial Equality.
  • The Civil War—Several discussions and presentations, including with Dr. Allen Guelzo, author of Robert E. Lee: A Life; Kent Masterson Brown, author of Meade at Gettysburg: A Study in Command; and with Caroline Janney, author of Ends of War: The Unfinished Fight of Lee’s Army after Appomattox.

. . . and these are just a very few. You’ll find so much more, from the Vikings, to the Salem Witch Trials, the founding of our nation, WWI and WWII, the space race, and on and on. Just click the search icon in the nav bar above to search across all videos from all of our events and weekly discussions.

From the non-profit organization The Pursuit of History

Our organization and all our programs are non-political and have only one goal: Helping people discover and learn about history.

  • Smart, never dumbed-down—Well-suited for upper-middle school and high schoolers
  • No contemporary politics—We draw the line at the Nixon administration
  • Broad range of topics
  • Hear directly from people who are deeply knowledgable
  • History as it really happened

Learn more about our organization at The Pursuit of History, including our supporters—people like you—and our leadership—people who love history just like you. At the bottom of this page we have the history of History Camp going back to when it started in 2014.

My family loves history. We spend our leisure time volunteering at Paine House Museum and our 11-year-old is a Revolutionary War reenactor.  As a homeschool mom, learning about events that are not typical courses of study creates opportunities for deep dives and digging through rich layers of learning. History Camp enriches both our hobbies and our homeschooling. — Donna Wedge, Paine House volunteer and homeschool mom

Our next major live event is History Camp America 2022 on November 5 — One registration covers your entire family

History Camp America, which does require a registration fee, is all online and runs the entire day, from 9 am – 5 pm, and every session and tour is recorded to view later. Your registration fee covers your entire family.

History Camp is unlike any other history event. It includes tours of historic sites and presentations on a wide variety of historical topics. Here’s just one of many comments we received about History Camp America last year:

“If you want to spend a single day delving into interesting topics that span our nation’s history all from the comfort of your own home, then History Camp America is for you! Not only can you hear about interesting topics, you can also tour places you may not otherwise be able to!”

This video gives you a quick overview of this year’s event and includes details on this year’s behind-the-scenes tours of historic sites:

Here’s what you and your homeschooler will experience during History Camp 2022

  • One registration fee covers your entire family
  • You’ll receive a detailed schedule two weeks before History Camp
  • A day full of 50-minute sessions—9 am – 5 pm—on a wide variety of topics and tours of interesting places
  • Choose from several each hour, and because everything is recorded, they will be able to see every session they want, live or archived
  • During the 10-minute break between sessions you can learn about creative history presenters, groups, and products
  • Lunch with two chefs cooking up historic recipes, one from the Nineteenth century and one from the 1960s
  • Behind-the-scenes tours of historic sites—Includes lesson plans for some sites
    • Bannock Ghost Town in Montana
    • USS Constitution in Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston
    • Ben Franklin’s home in London
    • Rancho Los Cerritos in Long Beach, California
    • Rose Hill Plantation in South Carolina
    • Wisconsin Maritime Museum and the submarine USS Cobia
    • San Juan National Historic sites in  Puerto Rico
  • All sessions and tours will have captions

⇒You’ll receive a detailed schedule two weeks before History Camp

  • When you register for History Camp 2022 and join us live, you will be able to chat with the presenters, access the archives of all sessions and tours exclusively for 12 months after the event, and have access to lesson plans (where available) from these historic sites
  • The optional History Camp America 2022 exclusive box is loaded with things the whole family will love:
    • Massachusetts Spy Mug from Liberty & Co.
    • George Washington Bobblehead
    • Oliver Pluff Wassail Mix
    • Proclaim Liberty Pin Set from The History List
    • Political Campaign Button Sticker Sheet from The History List
    • “Revolutionary Superheroes” Print from The History List
    • “Revolutionary Superheroes” Bookmark from The History List
    • Franklin’s Fortune Game
    • Titanic Replica Pack
    • USS Constitution Post Card from The Pursuit of History
    • History Camp America 2022 Magnet, sticker, and bookmark
    • The official History Camp America 2022 T-shirt
    • History Camp America 2022 Program

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Here’s why homeschoolers and their parents love History Camp

  • Serious, in-depth content
  • Never political
  • Our archives are free, no registration required
  • Our weekly author discussions are free, no registration required
  • The fee for our annual in-person and online events is very affordable and all proceeds go to the non-profit organization The Pursuit of History

The history of History Camp

The first History Camp was in 2014. It was founded by Lee Wright to bring together adults from all walks of life to learn more about history and share what they’ve learned. You didn’t have to have a particular degree or belong to a particular organization, and you could speak on a wide variety of topics.

When that first event filled up and we ran out of tickets, we realized that we were on to something. Afterwards the question we kept getting was, “Are you going to have another one?” We were exhausted—too exhausted to even think about another—but within a few days we realized that, Yes, there will be another History Camp, and another and another . . .

When History Camp expanded to other cities, we realized that we needed to have people focused on it full time, so we created the non-profit organization The Pursuit of History. You can learn more about the people behind the organization here.

While our main focus is adults, the feedback from homeschoolers made it clear to us that it’s not just adults who are hungry for history that’s not dumbed down, not political, and not supporting one agenda or another.