Tricia Peone

Exploring New England’s Hidden Histories

What can church records tell us about the everyday lives of early New Englanders? A surprising number of stories of love, loss, heartbreak, and revolution! New England’s Hidden Histories is a digital project of the Congregational Library & Archives in Boston which digitizes and transcribes historic church records, including relations of faith, sermons, diaries, and disciplinary records from communities across the region. This presentation will explore some of the exciting new stories being uncovered from this unparalleled collection of records.

[Recorded August 12, 2023]

Tricia Peone, PhD, is the project director of New England’s Hidden Histories, a digital project of the Congregational Library & Archives in Boston. She holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of New Hampshire with a specialization in the early modern Atlantic world and history of science. Prior to joining the CLA in 2022, she was a research scholar at Historic New England for the Recovering New England’s Voices project and has previously worked as a lecturer and historical consultant. Dr. Peone’s scholarship focuses on early modern magic and witchcraft and her work on these subjects has appeared in journals, books, blogs, and on radio and television.

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