Larry Stuart

Drawing on History: How to use graphic design to connect your organization to your audience

Do you have a history project that needs art or design? Organizations need logos, authors need book covers, events need promo materials: how should you think about the art you need for your project? Join me as I discuss the art I create about American history. We’ll talk about how my interest in art and history started and how I began creating “gig” posters about historic events. I’ll talk about researching information about an event and resources I use to study typography and design styles throughout American history. Several case studies will be presented showing how an idea develops from a small scribble to a final print. Finally I’ll give you some tips on working with your designer/illustrator to help achieve your art goals for your project.

[Recorded August 12, 2023]

Larry Stuart is the owner/principal of Larry Stuart Studio, a graphic design and illustration studio in southwest Michigan. He has been a graphic designer for 40 years, working in advertising and publishing before becoming an independent designer and illustrator. He has also taught graphic design at the collegiate level. He is an avid student of history and has used this passion to create art about the American story. Through research of historic events and period art, he interprets American history through elegant hand lettering and intricate illustration.


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