Liz Loveland

Researching Enslaved & Recently Free Northerners

Learn about some of the myths around Northern slavery and many of the sources that can be used to research the lives of enslaved people in Northern colonies/states, the lives of freemen and freewomen there, and the world which they inhabited. Many of my examples are from New England but I also use some examples from other Northern areas.

[Presented March 28, 2016.]

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      Liz Loveland

      Liz Loveland ( | Twitter) is a Genealogist and historian who loves using unusual sources and social history to solve puzzles. She has a special interest in researching people, families, and communities that have been marginalized in surviving records. My research focuses include (but are not limited to) colonial-era New England; researching enslaved and recently free Northerners; researching emigrants’ British Isles ancestors and relatives; tracking migratory families; and researching immigrants, from the colonial era to the 20th century.

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