Dr. Sam Forman

Ill-Fated Frontier: An Epic Pioneer Adventure across Racial and Geographic Frontiers of the American Revolutionary Era

In this true American origin tale, North becomes South, by choice of some, compulsion of others, over fierce Indian resistance, and with Spanish encouragement. It is 1789. General “Black David” Forman, terror to the Tories and George Washington’s prickly eyes, ears, and bullying strong arm in the Northern New Jersey guerilla war, becomes disenchanted with his prospects in the post-Revolutionary War United States.

He determines to dispatch his brother and sixty Afro-American slaves to claim a land grant in West Florida from America’s frenemy and erstwhile ally Spain. It is during the Northwest Indian War, when Natives have the upper hand. Will the Natives attack the pioneers? Will the enslaved revolt en route? Are the Spanish colonials effective and have their own agenda? Suffice it to say that complications ensue.

Dr. Samuel A. Forman, MD, MBA, MPH, (illfatedfrontier.com, DrJosephWarren.com, @DrSamForman) is Harvard University faculty member and an independent historian of non-fiction, writing compelling stories of national import on a base of authoritative and new scholarship. In 2012, Dr. Forman published the award-winning biography Dr. Joseph Warren: The Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill, and the Birth of American Liberty (Pelican) and Twenty One Heroes (Pelican). His most recent book is Ill-Fated Frontier: Peril and Possibilities in the Early American West.

Dr. Forman is a Founding Board Member of The Pursuit of History and is a regular presenter at History Camp Boston.

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