A/V Information for Those Presenting a Suffolk Law School

If you’re presenting at History Camp, please read the information below. We will not have A/V techs on-site and you will need to set-up your own equipment.

Suffolk University’s Sargent Hall has terrific audio/visual systems in each classroom, including the ability to present from your laptop or from a thumb drive, as well as the capability to tape each session.

We’re on our own for A/V, which means that you’ll want to review these step-by-step explanations so you can get set up and tape your session. The first section below includes a video and then step-by-step screenshots showing you how to project your presentation. The second set of instructions covers taping your session.

You can also download or print a PDF of these instructions for reference.

You might also wish to browse these general tips for a successful History Camp presentation.

When you come into the room, the projector screen should be down, and the touchscreen controls should be on this screen

If the screen is blank, hit the power button on the right side to turn it on. Tap anywhere on this screen to begin

The main screen allows you to control the input to project from, lighting in the room, and video recording

To project from your own laptop or tablet, choose the “Laptop” button

Under the desk, you will find cables to connect your device via HDMI or VGA. If you require an adapter, be sure to bring it.

When you plug in your device, the system should automatically switch between VGA and HDMI. If it doesn’t, an onscreen control will prompt you to choose.

If you want to use the desktop computer in the room to project from a thumb drive, choose “PC.” The username and password to unlock each room PC is printed on a sticker on the monitor.

In the larger classrooms, you may want to use a microphone. The mic on the lectern will be on by default. If you want to be able to move around, or if you are recording your session, use a lavalier mic, located in a drawer in the presenter desk. Simply clip the battery pack to your belt, clip the mic to your shirt, and switch the mic on. The system will automatically start using the lavalier mic. There are spare batteries in the same drawer.

You can control the lights in the room from the touchscreen. By default, the system will choose “Medium” when you are projecting. You might prefer to switch to “Bright.” If you choose “Full,” nobody will be able to see what’s being projected.

If you run into trouble at any point, touch the “Request Help” button to summon the Suffolk A/V department. Keep in mind that there is only one person working, but several simultaneous presentations.

We’d love to have more video to show people how great History Camp is.  If you choose to record your presentation, check out this video, or follow the steps below.

Touch the “Lecture Capture” button to begin

Choose a camera preset where you appear in the preview image.

Choose “Camera & Content” to make sure you and your slides are both recorded.

You MUST use a Lavalier mic for recording.

Touch “Start Record” to begin recording.

When prompted whether your class is listed above, touch “No Enter Class Information.”

Instead of an email address, enter the name of your talk and hit “Save Email Address”

Confirm the name and touch “Start Recording”

You can adjust the lighting or change projector inputs while the recording is in progress. When finished, remember to touch “Stop”