Sunday—History Camp Boston Tours and Events

Sunday, August 14, 2022

USS Constitution (8/14, 9am)

Updated May 18: This tour is now full. A behind-the-scenes tour of USS Constitution for History Camp Boston 2022 attendees. We will go to places on the ship that you have never seen, even if you’ve been on the public tour or on one of the annual turnarounds. Note that we expect to fill up very quickly because of the small number of spots available.

The Innovation Trail (8/14, 10am–Noon)

The Innovation Trail is a new way to experience, learn about, and be inspired by four centuries of world-changing breakthroughs from Boston. Get a sneak preview of the Trail experience from co-founders Dr. Bob Krim, author and historian, and Scott Kirsner, long-time Boston Globe columnist. Register here.

Boston’s Loyalists (8/14, 10–11:30am)

Boston By Foot’s “Boston’s Loyalists” tour tells the story of Boston’s role in the lead-up to the American War of Independence from the perspective of those who remained loyal to the British crown. August 14th is the 257th anniversary of the first Boston Stamp Act Riot in 1765.  We will visit the location of Oliver’s Dock, where Stamp Tax Commissioner Andrew Oliver’s two-story warehouse was destroyed by a thousands-strong mob.  The location is unmarked, so it took some research to determine exactly where it was.  It’s perfect for history fans who want a deep-dive into Boston’s revolutionary history from a point-of-view that contrasts with the typical Revolutionary War walking tour. This tour is a special offering, with no further dates scheduled for the remainder of 2022. Register here.

The Road to Revolution (8/14, 2–4pm)

“The Road to Revolution” is Boston By Foot’s premiere Revolutionary War tour.  From the Boston Massacre, to Paul Revere’s midnight ride, to the Battle of Bunker Hill, you’ll learn how the birth of the American Revolution happened on these very streets. Colonial Boston’s first burial ground, the Old North Church, and the Old State House are all enroute. Register here.

Off the Beaten Path – Peter Faneuil & Boston’s 18th Century Mercantile Revolution (8/14, 3–5pm)

Perhaps you are familiar with Boston’s famed Freedom Trail, delineating the principal people, places, and events that fomented revolution, but have you ever rambled off the beaten path to enjoy an intimate experience where you too can learn about the catalysts of change concurrently catalyzing an American Revolution.

In this two-hour Revolutionary Ramble, 17-year historical interpreter and veteran of Boston’s Freedom Trail, Judith Kalaora, guides an exclusive, limited tour of the heartiest and most stalwart History Lovers to understand the economic ramifications of 18th Century Boston and one of its most famous merchants Peter Faneuil.

Commencing from Boston’s City Hall Plaza / Government Center MBTA Station, meet with Kalaora, an 18th Century living historian, portraying Massachusetts’ Official Heroine Deborah Sampson. Explore the Downtown streets of Boston, toward the Atlantic Avenue Harborwalk, and into the Beacon Hill neighborhood, visiting sites both along, as well as off the beaten path of Boston’s famed Freedom Trail. Learn more and register here.

Is your site or organization interested in offering a special tour for History Camp attendees on Sunday, August 14?  If so, please contact Carrie Lund, Executive Director of The Pursuit of History, the organization that puts on History Camp every year.