Ta Mara Conde, Historic Gravestone Services

Preserving Historic Gravestones

Cemeteries are outdoor museums dedicated to memories of average people, the famous and lifestyles of long ago.

Ta Mara Conde, a gravestone and monument conservator has worked to preserve gravestones for over 16 years in New England and across the nation. Preservation of these historical “documents” is important to preserving the history which is sometimes only found on the gravestones. The history of cemeteries in America, burial customs and the symbolism used on headstones will be discussed while she describes the process and importance of conservation.

[Presented March 28, 2016.]

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      Ta Mara Conde

      Ta Mara Conde (tamara@historicgravestone.com) is the founder of Historic Gravestone Services (historicgravestone.com).

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