Harold Knudsen, LTC (Ret.)

The Confederacy’s Most Modern General: James Longstreet and the American Civil War

Harold Knudsen, LTC (Ret.), military history author and retired Army Artillery officer, on his book The Confederacy’s Most Modern General: James Longstreet and the American Civil War about the contributions of Longstreet to the Civil War and to military strategy that had an impact through World War II.

[Recorded July 08, 2021.]

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      Harold M. Knudsen, LTC (Ret.)

      Harold Knudsen, LTC (Ret.), (LinkedIn) is an Illinois native. His career spans twenty five years of active duty Army service, and includes seven resident career artillery, command and staff Army schools and colleges. He has many years of tactical experience in the integration of fire support into maneuver plans and fire control computation for cannon units. He spent nine years in Germany training tactics offensive armored warfare, as well as peace-keeping and counter-insurgency training. A combat veteran of Desert Storm, he performed extensive artillery fire planning and execution in support of the U.S. breakthrough of the Iraqi line and penetration into Iraq. He has also served in the Iraq Campaign. His years of staff work at the Corps, Army, and Pentagon levels give him a strong understanding of army operations from the lowest to highest levels.

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