Edward T. O’Donnell, PhD

The Gilded Age

Ed O’Donnell, history professor and host of In the Past Lane podcast, discusses what was the “Gilded Age”—and are we in one again?

[Recorded July 23, 2020]

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      Edward T. O’Donnell, PhD, is a historian, writer, podcaster, and public speaker. He earned his PhD in US History from Columbia University. He is an associate professor of history at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA, where he teaches courses on reform movements, Irish American history, the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, and US wars.

      For more information, please visit his website: www.EdwardTODonnell.com. You can follow Ed on Twitter @InThePastLane, Facebook at InThePastLanePodcast, and Instgram at In ThePastLane.