Alli Rico and Adriene Katz

Objects as Sources of History

Learn what provenance is, and how objects can be used as sources of history. Alli will go over the general concept and provide an example of how to start your provenance research. Adriene will follow up with a talk on the houses at the Shelburne Museum and how even houses can be used as sources of history.

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[Presented March 08, 2014.]

History Camp Authors

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      Alli Rico, MA

      Alli Rico, MA, ( has a BA in History from Salem State University, and a Master’s in Museum Studies from Harvard University. Her career focus is in higher education, museums, and content creation and expertise in museums is in collections management, with a focus on deaccessioning and project management. A portion of my master’s capstone project was published in the American Association of State and Local History’s Spring 2017 edition of History News, titled “Cleaning House: A Guide to Deaccessioning and Abandoned Property.” She am interested in helping on a collections committee at a local historical society.

      Adriene Katz, MA

      Adriene Katz, MA, ( earned a MA in Museum Studies through the School of Museum Studies at University of Leicester, where she studied museum administration, collections management, exhibition design, social responsibility, and sustainability.Her interests include early American furniture and decorative arts, and digital humanities. Since 2007, Adriene has been involved with the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. She is looking to advance in the field of museums. She also serves on the board of directors for her hometown historical society and is the society’s Collections Manager and Archivist. Lastly, she works and interacts with students in grades K-12 for two public school districts and she particularly enjoys working with students on American history, especially during the 17th and 18th centuries.

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