We hope to have a History Camp in Virginia in the fall of 2019 and are looking for facilities, presenters, and anyone else who wants to see this happen.


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Want to present?  Great!  Two things to know up front: First, we will endeavor to record all sessions, including the slides shown, and to post them online. Sharing this information as broadly and openly as possible is one of the fundamental principles of History Camp. If you have things that you don’t want to appear online (on YouTube or elsewhere), don’t include them in your slides or consider a different presentation. Second, speakers will need to register, just like everyone else.

If History Camp still sounds like it’s for you, and we hope it does, send us a session description (your information, session title and description) similar in style and content to what you see in the listings for prior History Camp Bostons or History Camp Colorados. (We may edit what you send for clarity.)



Learn more about History Camp, including the guiding principles, the requirements for a facility, and what’s involved in presenting, then contact us to help bring History Camp Virginia to life.