Thanks to Marianna for the great event last month, and to Jake and Nicole for helping line up events for the rest of the year.

Here’s where we stand (with updates as of March 22):

Every  month there is a different outing, and each offers something unique—something that isn’t available on the normal public tour or exhibit.  This post has a good recap of how these got started and where we went in 2015.

Subscribers to the History Camp Boston mailing list get the first shot at registration.  (If you’re not already on the History Camp Boston mailing list, you can subscribe here.)

If you are interested in helping find a site, exhibit, or event for one of the open months, or if your institution is interested in participating, please let me know.

How to handle registrations when there is far more demand than spots available

The response to this month’s Gibson House tour, in which all of the spots were taken in a few hours, was amazing.  It also created some understandable disappointment among people who missed getting a spot because they opened the e-mail announcing the event in the afternoon as opposed to first thing in the morning.

One of the goals with the monthly outings is to create unique experiences that draw you out and that further the mission of the organization we visit.  As Jake and I have been planning out the rest of the year, we’re running into some other situations where the interest in attending will most likely far outstrip the limit placed by the site.

In those situations, how do you think registration should be handled?  Please add your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for the enthusiastic response to these monthly History Camp outings.