Tom Levitt

The Courage to Meddle: The Belief of Frances Perkins

Tom Levitt, on his new book, The Courage to Meddle: The Belief of Frances Perkins, which covers the life of Frances Perkins, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s United States Secretary of Labor, the first woman to hold a cabinet position, and the driving force behind many New Deal programs.

[Recorded April 15, 2021.]

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      Tom Levitt

      Tom Levitt (LinkedIn) is a writer/consultant on Responsible and Sustainable Business, serial charity chair, social entrepreneur, and Director of Sector 4 Focus ( in West London, UK. Levitt is motivated by the idea of ‘using the tools of business to create public good,’ and works with leaders in all sectors to help create a sustainable and responsible society and economy. Since leaving Parliament in 2010 his clients have included corporates, charities, local authorities, think tanks and others. Levitt is the author of Welcome to GoodCo, The Company Citizen: Good for Business, Planet, Nation and Community, and The Courage to Meddle: the Belief of Frances Perkins.

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