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Ross H. Schwalm

The Amphibious Assault on Long Island, August 1776

The presentation will focus on the role the German Auxiliary units, known as the Hessians, conducted in the battle in support of the British forces.

One of the Hessians was Mr. Schwalm’s Third Great Grandfather, Johannes Schwalm, a Grenadier in the Knyphausen Regiment. This regiment was provided to the British in March of 1776 by subsidy treaty. This was the largest amphibious operation ever conducted up to this point in history. The British and Hessian victory on Long Island was widely reported through out Europe which will be shown via original newspaper reports.

Ross H. Schwalm

Ross H. Schwalm is a Compatriot in the Sons of the American Revolution through his 4th Great Grandfather Adam Lebo, a Continental Militiaman in 1779 and a direct descendent of Hessian soldier captured at the battle of Trenton. This gives him a unique perspective as a historian who can walk in the footsteps of his ancestors to cover both sides of the American Revolution. Mr. Schwalm is the current president of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association and the Colonel William Grayson Chapter, Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.