Saturday, May 2, 2020

Constitution High School — One block from Independence Hall  

History Camp began in 2014 in the Boston area and this spring it’s coming to Philadelphia. History Camp is a project of the non-profit organization, The Pursuit of History.

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If you love history, you’ll love History Camp.

Here’s what one participant said:

“I’ve been to dozens of official academic conferences with big names where all submissions are thoroughly vetted by panels of experts, and none of those conferences were as fun and informative as History Camp. It really was the best set of speakers I’ve seen at a conference: relaxed and informed and direct.”

History Camp brings together people from all walks of life, regardless of degree or profession, who are passionate about history. And you don’t have to be a member of any organization to participate.


This is a good overview, and especially helpful if you are curious about what makes History Camp different than any other conference or gathering you’ve attended.

Join us on May 2 and see why we say, “Spend a Saturday with some of the most interesting people in history.”

Presenting at History Camp

One of the things that makes History Camp unique is that we welcome any presenter who wishes to share their love of history.  You might be an author, Park Ranger, armchair historian, volunteer, reenactor, executive director of a historic site, retired public health nurse, student, tour guide . . . In fact, we’ve had folks with those backgrounds and many more present.

Your topic must relate to history, but unlike other conferences, you don’t have make your presentation conform to a theme, geography, or narrow subject area.

You might cover historical people and events, historical research and methods, managing a historic site or history organization, careers for people who love history, teaching history, or other topics related to history.

There are, however, two things you won’t find at History Camp, current or recent politics and product pitches.

We all chip in to cover the cost of History Camp, so speakers register, just like everyone else.

And because sharing information as broadly as possible is one of the fundamental principles of History Camp, many sessions are recorded and all presenters are asked to post their slides.  If you have things that you don’t want to appear online (on YouTube or elsewhere), don’t include them in your slides or consider a different presentation.

If you’re interested in presenting, please sign up here.

Would your organization like to offer a special program or tour Sunday or discounted admission to your site? Please send us a description with details about your offer and I will add it below, include it in the session guide, and announce it at the beginning and end of History Camp.




Your ticket includes morning coffee, juice, pastries, and other breakfast things, as well as lunch and snacks throughout the day.


Mass transit: The closest Rail station is 8th and Market which services both SEPTA and PATCO lines.  From the station it’s only about a block to the school.

Parking: There are several parking garages nearby, including one right across from the school.