Mike Troy, Jake Sconyers, J. L. Bell, and Larisa Moran

Using New Media to Present History

A panel of podcasters, bloggers, and video bloggers discusses how new forms of media are transforming the presentation of History. We will discuss how podcasting and other new media differ from traditional media, why they reach new audiences, and trends in how presenting new media is continuing to change.

Michael Troy, host of American Revolution Podcast (pod.amrevpodcast.com and blog.amrevpodcast.com)
Jake Sconyers, host of HUB History podcast (hubhistory.com)
J. L. Bell, author of the Boston 1775 blog (boston1775.blogspot.com) and the book The Road to Concord
Larisa Moran (historydame.com, Twitter and Instagram @History_Dame), creator of the History In Under A Minute video series and History Dame On The Road video series.