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Meighan Maguire & Carlos Ortega

Rancho Los Cerritos — Historic Site Tour

Join us for a “living history” tour provided presented by six costumed docents who portray people associated with the adobe in different eras, 1840s-1940s. You’ll also meet the RLC curator, who will discuss how the site’s current exhibition, “Roots in California: Concepts of Home.”

Rancho Los Cerritos (RLC) is a National, State, and Local Historic Landmark located in Long Beach, California. The Monterey-colonial adobe was built in 1844 as the headquarters for a cattle ranch, when this region was part of Mexico. The gardens also date to the 1840s, but were landscaped in the 1930s — when the adobe was renovated. Today, the five-acre site echoes with the stories of all who have called this land home over time. Visitors of all ages can get a glimpse into California’s past.

Session Handouts

Virtual Tour for Students – Teacher Notes

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Meighan Maguire

Meighan Maguire, PhD, is an award-winning Educator, Lecturer, and Writer with a PhD in Communication, and has been a museum educator for the past twenty years. She currently serves as the Director of Education at Rancho Los Cerritos (rancholoscerritos.org) in Long Beach, Calofornia. Her specific areas of expertise include nonprofit leadership, curriculum development, docent training, project management, volunteer engagement, oral communication, artifact interpretation, and event planning.

Carlos Ortega

Carlos Ortega is an award-winning exhibition curator and creator of meaningful educational experiences for the public. He has had more than a decade of museum practice in Germany, England, Spain, and the United States. Carlos currently holds the Curator position at Rancho Los Cerritos Museum and Historic Site (rancholoscerritos.org) in Long Beach, California, where he develops community-based exhibitions that are bringing new audiences to the institution.