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Matt Borders & Patrick McGuire

History, Social Media & You

From Facebook to LinkedIn and beyond, the social media landscape has allowed anyone and everyone to engage with history. What are some of the best ways to employ this type of media in all its various forms? What is it like to work in these media, and how do you get started? Finally, how have these platforms leveled the playing field in history for both individuals and organizations? Podcast hosts, Pat & Matt touch on all these topics and their own experiences with social media both as individual historians and as a team, looking at the successes and pitfalls they have encountered.

Matt Borders & Patrick McGuire— History Things Podcast

Matt Borders took the traditional approach to a career in history, with a BA and an MS he has spent the last 20 years working in the field as an educator, park ranger and author. He moved into social media reluctantly and is still learning to use these platforms.

Patrick McGuire is a life time student of history and recently has been able to move into professional public history as a park ranger. With an eclectic background, Pat has operated in social media history circles for years, proving his abilities as a storyteller with these platforms.

Together, these public historians started The History Things Podcast (Facebook) almost four ago, looking at a wide variety of historic topics.