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Lauren Muney

Your Face… A History in Profile

Explore the history of Regency- and Jeffersonian-era silhouettes in the United States which were especially popular in the decades before photography was invented—for reasons you would never expect.

Explore the economic, societal, and philosophical circumstances to create casual—as well as frenzied-interest in silhouettes. Learn details about profile portraits, including how silhouettes were employed to judge personality and behavior traits, and how silhouettes connected to groundbreaking social and industrial movements.

Lauren Muney (Photo by Steve Parke)

Lauren Muney of “Silhouettes By Hand” (silhouettesbyhand@gmail.comsilhouettesbyhand.comFacebookInstagram) is a Maryland-based silhouette artist and living history interpreter, works across the USA, Canada, Australia, and online. She is an eight-time master of traditional crafts and presents at museums, public events, social events, corporate events, and virtually, as well as fulfilling orders from her website.

[Photo by Steve Parke.]