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Jared Bruening— The Daily Bellringer

Why Study the Civil War? Some reasons that will peak student interest

The session will discuss reasons everyone should be interested in learning about the American Civil War. From the obvious to some obscure interesting tidbits of culture and history that were forever changed because of the conflict. If you are a teacher trying to find an interesting way to introduce the topic to students or simply a history enthusiast curious about conflict this is the session for you.

Session Handouts

Why study the CIVIL WAR – Presentation Slides

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Jared Bruening

Jared Bruening is a Junior High American History teacher from central Illinois. He is also the creator and host of the YouTube channel THE DAILY BELLRINGER (dailybellringer.com, YouTube) where he creates short four to six-minute history lessons that include questions for students to answer. Each day thousands of students from across the country learn short tidbits of history from the Bellringer videos.