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Jared Bruening

The Daily Bellringer

The Daily Bellringer, dailybellringer.com, provides short 4 to 6 minute video overviews of U.S. History topics. They are designed to be used for grades 5–12 as warm-ups, reviews, or introductions to content. These are great to use in the classroom with students as well as by home educators. Each video is completely school and family-friendly with no bad language or inappropriate jokes. The videos also include no political spin and strive to be as unbiased as possible in order to give students the flat history and then allow further discussion and study from there. Great way to lay the groundwork with history students.

Additionally, worksheet activities have additional questions for students to answer from the videos as well as a variety of primary source readings, art activities, and interactive writing prompts that go directly with the content covered in the videos. Worksheet packets are available for topics such as:
– Growth of the Colonies
– Road to Revolution
– The American Revolution
– THE US CONSTITUTION (gives background and then breaks down US Constitution article by article)
– Black History Month
– Women’s History Month
– Sectionalism (Causes of the Civil War)
– Westward Expansion
– The Civil War


Jared Bruening

Jared Bruening is a Junior High American History teacher from central Illinois. He is also the creator and host of the YouTube channel THE DAILY BELLRINGER (dailybellringer.com, YouTube) where he creates short four to six-minute history lessons that include questions for students to answer. Each day thousands of students from across the country learn short tidbits of history from the Bellringer videos.