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Rose Doherty, President of the Partnership of the Historic Bostons, is giving a special tour this coming Saturday morning, June 27, from 10 am – noon for History Camp alums and others who have a deep interest in history.

We’ll visit the Founders Memorial, the sites of the Great Spring and the First Meeting House, Province House Steps, and more.  The tour is free; the Partnership asks for a $5 donation.

Register here, but skip the online donation and bring your $5 with you.  This way the organization receives 100% of your donation (and isn’t charged the Eventbrite fee for collecting on their behalf).

Public transportation to Park Street is recommended, then walk up the hill toward the State House.  Rose also suggests bringing water, especially if it’s warm.

If you have questions, contact phbostons@gmail.com or call 781 540-8147.

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