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Thursday, May 16  @ 8 pm Eastern
Eric Jay Dolin
Left for Dead: Shipwreck, Treachery, and Survival at the Edge of the World

From the publisher:

The true story of five castaways abandoned on the Falkland Islands during the War of 1812: a tale of treachery, shipwreck, isolation, and the desperate struggle for survival. The best-selling author of Black Flags, Blue Waters tells the story of a wild encounter between an American sealing vessel, a shipwrecked British brig, and a British warship in the Falkland Islands during the War of 1812. Fraught with misunderstandings and mistrust, the incident left three British sailors and two Americans including the captain of the sealer, Charles H. Barnard abandoned in the Falklands for eighteen months.

A tale of intriguing complexity, with surprising twists and turns throughout, involving greed, lying, bullying, a hostile takeover, stellar leadership, ingenuity, severe privation, endurance, banishment, the great value of a dog, the birth of a baby, a perilous thousand-mile open-ocean journey in a seventeen-foot boat, an improbable rescue mission, and legal battles over a dubious and disgraceful wartime prize Left for Dead shows individuals in wartime under great duress acting both nobly and atrociously, and offers a unique perspective on an important moment in American history.

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