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Deb Caroll

Yoga from the Golden Ball Tavern Museum, Weston, Massachusetts

Deb Carroll teaches a short yoga session fromthe Golden Ball Tavern (goldenballtavern.org) which will include breath and movement for those who sit for long periods of time. This opening warm up will also highlight movement that you can do as a “mini-break” during the day to keep you feeling invigorated throughout your History Camp America experience.

These are basic yoga stretches for beginners to experts. You may want a mat, blanket, or heavy towel for some of the non-seated poses, however, modifications will be offered for those who wish to remain seated.

Deborah Carroll

Deborah (Turner) Carroll (LinkedIn) is an Administrative Professional at the Golden Ball Tavern Museum (goldenballtavern.org) in Weston, Massachusetts; a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner; a Yoga and Meditation Teacher; and an Essential Oils Specialist.