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Carolyn Gilman

Reimagining America: The Maps of Lewis and Clark

This session will take a look at the new exhibit designed by the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. It will go into detail about what was known about the wild west before the Corps of Discovery left in 1803, and what information they were able to bring back to Thomas Jefferson.

Carolyn Ives Gilman

Carolyn Gilman (carolynivesgilman.com) is a historian and museum exhibit developer specializing in frontier and Native history. She is author of Lewis and Clark: Across the Divide (2003) and five other books on aspects of Native American and western history. She has worked as an exhibition developer at the Minnesota Historical Society, the Missouri History Museum, and the National Museum of the American Indian. She was curator of the National Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Exhibition, which toured the United States in 2004–06. Carolyn lives in Washington, DC, where she splits her time between writing science fiction and work as a freelance historian and museum consultant. She spends summers on an island in northern Wisconsin that is three miles away from the Internet.