October 13, 2018

At Arapahoe Community College – Littleton Campus



The American Military Living History Association will be joining us this year as well!


  • An 1830s Fur Trader converses about the Plains Indian Trade by Michael Schaubs 
  • The Christmas Day Battle for Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge by Don Cygan
  • Skiing Off to War by Thomas Duhs
  • The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla by Tom Keller 
  • Finding Lost Railway Stations and Equipment by Jim Jordan 
  • Colorado Genealogy Research by Lori Collins 
  • Exonerating General George Custer: Separating Fact from Political Bias by George Koukeas 
  • Colorado Inventors by Doug Cohn 
  • What Really Happened to Titanic? by Phill Kleppen and Janet Kalstrom
  • Frontier Marshal Mart Duggan Ruled Rowdy Leadville with an Iron Fist by Gail Lindley
  • Colorado’s Mining Booms & Busts: 150 Years of Roller Coaster History by Stephen Hart 
  • November ’42, Watershed of the Century by Stan Moore
  • Who Was the Sculptor in Buckskin? Alexander Phimister Proctor! by Dave Lively 
  • Iron, Dynamite and Intrigue by Stan Moore
  • Historic Preservation and Colorado’s Most Endangered Places Program by Kim Grant 
  • Using Digital History Tools to Understand the History of Obscure Plants by Timothy Vilgiate
  • A Vice for All: The Seedy Side of Denver by Savannah Reeves & Heather Pressman & Mike Erickson & Hannah Herron
  • A Vice for All Part 2 –  Even Seedier: Denver Vice in the 20th century by Savannah Reeves & Mike Erickson & Hannah Herron
  • The White Plague: How Tuberculosis Shaped Colorado by Jenifer Fisher
  • “Give the Women A Chance”: the 125th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in Colorado by Megan Moriarty
  • The Vitality of Volunteers in Preserving Yesterday’s Buildings for Tomorrow by Hameed Alnassar
  • Meriwether Lewis’s Survey at Cumberland Gap: or What’s up with the 36-30 Line of North Latitude between Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee? by Lorna Hainesworth
  • The History of Denver’s Celebrity Sports Center: Thirty-five Years of Fun and Entertainment by David Forsyth
  • Germans, Socialists, Pacifists, Immigrants, & Other Enemies of the State during WWI by Jay Cyril Mastrud
  • Grave Matters: Cemetery Symbolism, the Stories in Stone by Patricia Carmody
  • From Bloomers to Hat Pin: How to Wear an 1880s Dress by Nicoleta Nagel
  • Loretto Heights – A Synopsis of Historical & Architectural Significance by Martha Kirkpatrick


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2018 t-shirt design incorporates the 1876 Colorado State Coat of Arms on a pewter colored shirt.


Orders for shirts can only be accepted through 9/20 so be sure to register right away and request the shirt size you want. We will not have extras at History Camp.






If you are interested in presenting and haven’t been to History Camp before, there are important ways in which being a part of History Camp is different than being a speaker at a conference.  It comes down to this: We’re all in this together, which means, among other things…

• Presenters come at the beginning and stay until the end. Speakers do not just come for their session and leave.

• No one is paid. This is an all-volunteer effort designed to break even.

• You are your own A/V tech. Just arrive early if you are doing the first session so you have plenty of time to set up, and stay until the next person comes so you can help them.

• Everyone pays. There is no formal organization behind History Camp. Your payment, along with those from everyone else, means that the organizers don’t have to dig in to their own pockets to make up the shortfall.

• Everyone shares. If you have slides, we’ll help you post them to the History Camp site. We may also videotape or stream your presentation live (such as on Facebook) so that people who can’t attend can benefit from History Camp.

If History Camp sounds like its for you, please fill out this form. Browse prior years to read about other presentations as well as the different formats that have been used. If you have questions, please let me know.