If you’re a history lover, History Camp is for you. It’s a unique opportunity to spend a day with people from all walks of life who have a passion for history, from authors, teachers, genealogists, and students, to park rangers, museum volunteers, librarians, and individuals from other professions and backgrounds. Come join us to learn, connect and engage.

History Camp made it’s Colorado debut last year with over 100 people in attendance, selling out two weeks in advance. This year History Camp will be held on October 7, 2017 at Red Rocks Community College (Lakewood Campus).

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History Camp Colorado 2017 sessions

Unlike a typical conference, at History Camp, anyone can speak, provided we have a time slot.  Here are the sessions to date.  Read descriptions and learn who will be presenting each one on the Sessions page.

  • I Am Not a Savage: Lakota Performers in Wild West Shows
  • Serving America while Serving Time
  • American Expeditionary Force, 1917
  • The Lasting Legacy of Western Women
  • Saving Our Vanishing Railroad Heritage
  • Sisters of Courage: The Impact of Historical Events in the 19th Century on the Harbison Family
  • La Santa Muerte: A Mexican Saint of Lost Causes
  • The Wizard of Oz – And Other Strange Tales of the American West
  • Auschwitz #34207: The Joe Rubinstein Story
  • The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla
  • General Iron Works, Englewood, CO
  • Why Here? History and Archaeology at Fort Massachusetts, New Mexico Territory
  • Clear Creek County Adventure Trails
  • Selling the City of Sunshine: Colorado Springs as America’s “Greatest Sanitarium”
  • Base Ball in the 18th and 19th Centuries: History of the Game and Challenges of Re-enacting for a Modern Audience
  • Molly Brown – Myth Verses Reality
  • A Stranger To It’s Laws: LGBT People and Laws of Colorado
  • Live and Let Live: A Chicago Alderman comes West
  • Skiing Off to War
  • The Summit Springs Battle: Dispelling Myths about the Indian Wars
  • Medallic Remembrances of World War I
  • Pikes Peak Regional Historic Floods
  • Common Historical Myths, Fact or Fiction
  • The ABC’s of Genealogy
  • A Drive Through Europe: American Vehicles of WWII
  • Stories of Colorado Past