Presenting at History Camp

If you want to present at upcoming History Camps in Denver/Littleton, Fairfax, Virginia, or Boston, please read the information below and then complete the form at the bottom.

History Camp welcomes people from all walks of life who love history. Past presenters have included authors, professors, Park Rangers, armchair historians, volunteers docents, reenactors, a retired public health nurse, students, executive directors, tour guides, and many, many more.

  • Unlike traditional conferences, you don’t have make your presentation conform to a theme, geography, or narrow subject area, but your presentation must relate to history.  You might cover historical people and events, historical research and methods, managing a historic site or history organization, careers for people who love history, teaching history, or other topics related to history.
  • Don’t worry if your topic has been covered in previous years.
  • To get an idea of the breadth of topics, follow the links to History Camps in past years in other cities in the navigation above.  (The descriptions from History Camp Boston 2019 include links to videos of several sessions.)
  • There are two things to steer clear of: Product pitches and current or recent politics.
  • Your format might be a traditional presentation, leading a discussion with those in attendance, a round table, a panel, or a performance.
  • We all chip in to cover the cost of History Camp, so speakers register, just like everyone else.
  • Sharing information as broadly as possible is one of the fundamental principles of History Camp, and that means making it available to people who aren’t able to attend. Your session may be recorded and posted online or it may be live-streamed and posted. All presenters are asked to post their slides.  If you have things that you don’t want to appear online (on YouTube or elsewhere), don’t include them in your slides or consider a different presentation.

→ If you’re interested in presenting at upcoming History Camps in Denver/Littleton, Fairfax, Virginia, or Boston, please fill out this form:

Would your organization like to offer a special program or tour Sunday or discounted admission to your site? Please send us a description with details about your offer and we will consider adding it to the event page, the session guide, and possibly announce it at History Camp.