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History Camp Virginia

Saturday, November 16 — Fairfax, Virginia


History Camp™ is for adults who are passionate about history. 

They come from all walks of life.

Once a year.

To learn, connect, and engage with history. 

If you love history, History Camp is for you.

Created by the non-profit organization, The Pursuit of History

Here’s why history lovers love History Camp

“I came because I wanted to share something I love with other people and learn new things. I feel more connected to my city and environment.”

“As a non-historian, I enjoy being exposed to professionals and their work.”

“The topics were great and varied enough that I wouldn’t have gotten the breadth of knowledge at any other single event.”

“There were so many different subjects and genres of history, all of them interesting, that it was difficult to choose which lectures to attend.”

“I wish I could have been in 2 or 3 places at once!”

These outstanding sessions and more at History Camp Virginia 2019

  • Indian Trade in the Southern Colonies by William Beau Robbins 
  • Revolutionary Myths: The Importance of Reliable Primary Sources by Cahmbriel Ann Clackum
  • Through Jefferson’s Eyes – Reflections on Thomas Jefferson and the Enlightenment by Dave Dietrich
  • Dr. Joseph Warren and the Start of the American Revolution by Dr. Sam Forman 
  • Ill-Fated Frontier: An Epic Pioneer Adventure across Racial and Geographic Frontiers of the American Revolutionary Era by Dr. Sam Forman 
  • A Documentary in the Making: Campaign 1777: The Year of the Hangman by C. Gerard Frankson
  • First in war and first in the hearts of his countrymen: The rise and fall of the revolutionary, Dr. Joseph Warren by Christian Di Spigna
  • Susanna Bolling: The Girl Who Won the Revolutionary War by Libby McNamee
  • Carrying the Declaration of Independence by Karen A Chase
  • Abandoned History; Disappearing Historic and Cultural Sites of the East Coast by Ben Swenson 
  • First Four Surveys of the 36º 30′ Line of North Latitude and One Site Survey: Dividing Line between Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee by Lorna Hainesworth 
  • America’s First School for the Deaf: Facts and Myths by Kathleen Brockway
  • The Culper Spy Ring: A Key to American Victory by Eliza Vegas
  • The Panama Canal: How the US Got It, and How the US Got Rid of It by Brian Moran
  • Balls Bluff, 1861: Big Lessons From a Relatively Small Battle by Brian Moran 
  • From Student to Warriors: A military history of the College of William and Mary by Wilford Kale 
  • The Politics of Independence by Michael Troy
  • Large Armies of foreign Mercenaries – Dispelling this myth for 45 Years by Ross Harold Schwalm
  • Operation Skywatch – The Ground Observer Corps and How Americans Went on Watch for Enemy Planes, Downed Aircraft, and UFOs by Deb Fuller
  • Model Company: A new look at the common Civil War soldier by Ben Myers
  • 1619-2019 the 400th Commemoration: The Arrival of the First Documented Africans in English North America by Ric Murphy
  • Get the Word Out: Embracing Digital Media to Grow in the History Field by John R Heckman
  • Founding Virginia Beach: A New Look at Adam Thorowgood, His Lands, Legends and Legacies  by Janet Cummings
  • John Jay, Unsung Nation Builder: 1774 to 1789 by Phil Webster
  • Spreading the Love of History Through Games by Alan Fishel
  • Top Secret: the Story of Vint Hill Farms Station and the Cold War Museum by Jason Hall
  • “Dinner in Camelot”: The Night America’s Greatest Scientists, Writers, and Scholars Partied at the Kennedy White House by Joseph Esposito
  • Songs and Stories of Freedom Seekers From the Washington, NC Underground Railroad by Leesa Jones
  • Whale Tales: Matthew Fontaine Maury and the American Quest for the Northwest Passage by John Grady
  • Gaming as a Tool for Understanding History by Kevin Bertram and Jason Matthews
  • The Principal Uncertainty: America’s Atomic Intelligence Operation against Hitler and Stalin by Vincent Houghton
  • An Irish Emigrant’s Journey by Jon Vrana
  • Bringing History to Life through Historical Dramatization by Jon Vrana
  • Albert WHO? Why Make an Unknown Historic Person Better Known by Ronald Duquette 
  • After Ike: On the Trail of the Century-Old Journey That Changed America by Michael Owen
  • The Mutual Influence of these two Mighty Minds:  an Intimate Discussion between Thomas Jefferson and James Madison by Kyle Jenks & Tom Pitz

“It was super affordable. I spent the entire day doing something I love. So happy I went.”

“I’ve been to dozens of official academic conferences with big names where all submissions are thoroughly vetted by panels of experts, and none of those conf informative as History Camp. It really was the best set of speakers I’ve seen at a conference: relaxed and informed and direct.”

Join others who love history as much as you do.

One day only.

There’s nothing else like History Camp. Don’t miss it!

History Camp is almost here!

Saturday, November 16

Session starts at 9:30 am and the last session ends at 6 pm

Doors open at 8:30 am

The Johnson Center — 3rd floor of George Mason University.

Email: Virginia@HistoryCamp.org

History Camp is an independent event created by the non-profit, The Pursuit of History.

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