Gift Certificates to History Camp

Updated November 25: We made History’s list of top gifts for history buffs!

History Camp brings together adults from all walks of life who have a passion for history. They come to share what they’ve learned and to learn from others. History Camps take place on a Saturday once a year in selected cities. (Our current cities are listed on our home page.)

If your friend or relative loves history, they’ll love History Camp.

Your gift to them will cover their full registration and more.  Because the costs for the different locations vary, they’ll receive a credit at The History List Store for the difference between the $100 value of your gift and the cost of the registration for the History Camp that they choose.  They can select one in 2020 or in any future year, at any of our locations.  There is no expiration date.

Your gift recipient will receive . . .

• A letter from the Executive Director of History Camp telling them that they have been given full registration to an upcoming History Camp of their choice. The letter will include complete information on how to register.  At History Camp, they will receive the limited edition shirt for that year and location, and if lunch is a part of the History Camp they choose, they will also receive lunch.  (They will be responsible for their own transportation to the event.)

• A limited edition t-shirt from a past History Camp, subject to availability.  if we are out of their size, they’ll receive a “History Nerd” t-shirt from The History List.

Updated December 19: To ensure that you have a gift to give for Christmas, we will e-mail you a PDF of the Executive Director’s letter to the gift recipient announcing that they are going to History Camp. We will send you that within 24 hours of receiving your order. A package with the shirt and other History Camp things will go out the week of December 23 via regular mail, so while that may not get to the person before  Christmas, you’ll definitely have a gift to give them.

History Camp is a project of the non-profit organization, The Pursuit of History.