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Thursday, April 18  @ 8 pm Eastern
Stephen L. Kling Jr.
The American Revolutionary War in the West

A History Camp Discussion with Stephen L. Kling Jr. about his book The American Revolutionary War in the West.

From the publisher:

The American Revolutionary War, while beginning in the Thirteen Colonies, quickly became a far ranging war fought across the globe and eventually involved France and Spain. The war spilled into the areas west of the Thirteen Colonies and along the Mississippi River, and the resulting battles and attacks impacted the future development and expansion of the United States. The western areas also contained a rather unique collection of diverse groups and interest.

These interests included French-heritage inhabitants living along the Mississippi River, the new Spanish owners of the Louisiana Territory, the British masters of the east side of the Mississippi River, the Americans who conquered much of the east side of the Mississippi River from the British, the Native Americans who were often (but not exclusively) allied with the British and were involved in almost every military action in the west, and both free and enslaved Blacks who participated in several conflicts (sometimes voluntarily and often involuntarily). Stephen L. Kling, Jr, co-author of The Battle of St. Louis, the Attack on Cahokia, and the American Revolution in the West and editor of the two-volume Great Northern War Compendium has brought together a diverse group of scholars and experts for a book covering the war in the west enriched with maps and artwork that will be useful and engaging to a wide audience of history lovers, military enthusiasts, students, teachers and scholars.

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