Evening performance: “The House of Hancock: A Hamilton-Inspired Musical” — Requires separate ticket

Updated March 10: This is almost sold out. To get one of the few remaining tickets and pay the special “History Camp” price of $25, use this link and the discount code “founders”.

If any seats are left, there will be same-day tickets, but they will be more expensive.

This production, which takes place in the same facility and begins immediately after our History Camp wrap up session, is produced independently of History Camp.

A quintessential Founding Family comes to life in The House of Hancock: A Hamilton-Inspired Musical,  an immersive living history performance from Judith Kalaora and the History At Play Ensemble who were the creative team behind last year’s World War Women: The Unsung Heroines of WWII and A Revolution of Her Own! Deborah Sampson the prior year.

The show explores the lives of John and Dorothy Hancock and their rise to greatness as the most powerful family in Boston. And while it’s based on the Hamilton musical, there is a very special twist.

In terms of timing and logistics, many of us are going out to Carrie Nation, a nearby and very nice restaurant and bar, after History Camp. We have planned it so that people who stay for the play can also join. We hope you will.

"House of Hancock" musical