Evening event—Get your food and drink ticket now

There’s a new evening event at History Camp Boston this year, open to everyone, and we’re calling it . . .

 “Continuing the conversation + meeting new history friends + pizza and soft drinks and brownies + history-themed games + classic games.”

(We’ll also award—on the spot—something fun if you come up with a shorter name, provided it’s both clear and clever.)

You’ve asked for more ways to network and more opportunities for social time with new friends. The will provide a great opportunity for both, and it’s a fun way to relax at the end of the day. 

It’s open to everyone, so join us.  If you’re interested in the food, too, please buy a ticket below—they’re only $10—so we can cover our costs for this additional event. (If you don’t plan to eat or drink, just come; there’s no need to register.)

And if you want to make an additional donation and join The Pursuit of History as a supporter for 2020, there’s that opportunity, too. More below.

What: History Camp Saturday Night

When: Immediately after the last session

Where: First floor, in the large room where we started the day. (We moved the feedback session to one of the choices in the last session slot, so we can get started socializing immediately after the last session.)

Cost: If you want the food and drink, please register now ($10) to cover the cost of the food and drink. There are no refunds. (Once the order is placed, we can’t get a refund from Sodexo..

You can also pay at the door for $15. If you don’t plan to eat or drink, there’s no need to register or buy a food and drink ticket, just come.


  • Conversation with all your new history friends (no ticket required)
  • Food and drink, if you wish (get your ticket below)
  • History trivia game. Will have individual and group rounds with prizes all night. From Alan and Robin at LearningPlunge, a History Camp national exhibitor. There will be a very cool grand prize from national exhibitor TR Historical and smaller prizes throughout the night from The History List.
  • History timeline game, with prizes!
  • Your favorite game! Bring it along and convince others to play it with you.

The Pursuit of History

If you wish to make a donation with your food and drink ticket purchase, you’ll receive the 2020 Pursuit of History lapel pin.  Buy your food and drink ticket in advance and you’ll receive the pin at registration.  

The Pursuit of History™ is the non-profit organization that we formed in 2019 to keep up with History Camp Boston as it’s grown, and to add more things to History Camp, such as professional video, and more History Camps
We believe that more people gaining a broader understanding of history has never been more important. We hope you’ll join with others in The Pursuit of History.
After you’ve selected your food and drink ticket, be sure and get this year’s t-shirts, then check out all at once.




After you’ve selected your food and drink ticket, be sure and get this year’s t-shirts, then check out all at once.