Why hundreds of history lovers are coming to History Camp Boston on July 7

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And if you need more reasons . . .

Designed for you—every one of you—History Camp brings together people from all walks of life. You don’t have to have a particular degree or occupation, or belong to a particular organization.  If you love history, History Camp is for you.

Covers a wide variety of topics—Sessions cover all aspects of history, plus ways to communicate and engage others with history.  Scroll halfway down this page to see the growing list of topics for this year. You’ll have your choice of five or six sessions at every time slot.

There were so many different subjects and genres of history, all of them interesting, that it was difficult to choose which lectures to attend. I wish I could have been in 2 or 3 places at once.

Every year a full house—This will be Year 5, and we’ve had a packed house every year from the very first year. The word’s out, and more people come every year.

Draws history lovers from across the country—Including this year from Texas, Colorado, South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland . . . and from throughout New England.

Meet authors and podcasters, including  . . .

Liz Covart, Ben Franklin’s World podcast

Stephen Knott, author, Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance That Forged America

Brian Glyn Williams, author, The Last Warlord: The Life and Legend of Dostum, the Afghan Warrior who Led US Special Forces to Topple the Taliban Regime

Patrick Gabridge, playwright, Blood on the Snow

Tara Ross, author, The Indispensable Electoral College: How the Founders’ Plan Saves Our Country from Mob Rule

Edward T. O’Donnell, In The Past Lane podcast

Tracy V. Wilson, Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast

Marilynne K. Roach, author, Six Women of Salem

J.L. Bell, author, The Road to Concord: How Four Stolen Cannon Ignited the Revolutionary War and Boston 1775

James Cooper, Director, New England’s Hidden Histories, Congregational Library, Boston

Dr. Sam Forman, author, Dr. Joseph Warren: The Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill, and the Birth of American Liberty

→ These are just a few of the 40+ speakers who will be part of History Camp Boston. See the entire list of sessions and presenters half-way down the main History Camp Boston 2018 page.

Beats those traditional history conferences

I’ve been to dozens of official academic conferences with big names where all submissions are thoroughly vetted by panels of experts and none of those conferences were as fun and informative as History Camp. It really was the best set of speakers I’ve seen at a conference: relaxed and informed and direct. — Lori Stokes, Ph.D.

In a great setting—Hosted by Suffolk University Law School, the rooms are wonderful for presentations and we’re directly across from the Old Granary Burying Ground, steps from Boston Common and the Freedom Trail. (Photos from History Camp Boston 2017 below.)

Meet new friends and make new connections—It’s the one time of the year every person you meet will share your same deep passion for history.

Is super affordable—History Camp is run by volunteers just to break even. Basic registration, for the day, including all the sessions, is about $35.

Your summer will be historic! — Come early and spend the Fourth in Boston, and then stay through History Camp Boston weekend.

→ Learn more and register at HistoryCamp.org/boston.