History Camp 2018 t-shirt

Thanks to Larry Stuart for the design of this year’s shirt. (The sketch of the concept is at the bottom of the page, along with the sketch of the proposed design.)

And thanks toJohn Bell for the concept of this year’s shirt. John helped get History Camp off the ground in 2014 and has presented every year. A few weeks ago John did a short video letting others know why they shouldn’t miss this year’s History Camp.

Shirts were available for purchase with registration, however that cutoff date has passed. We printed a few more than were ordered and will have them at History Camp for purchase. If we have some left over after that, we’ll sell them online through The History List and sales will go toward History Camp next year.


The 2018 History Camp Boston t-shirt



















Final sketch of History Camp Boston 2018 t-shirt



























Sketch of a design concept. . .