[video] Women’s Self-Empowerment in 19th-century Marblehead

This illustrated presentation tell a remarkable story of women’s self-empowerment in 19th-century Marblehead, Massachusetts as they broke out of extreme poverty caused by the service of more than a thousand men and boys from a similar number of families in both the Revolution and War of 1812, a dramatic change from the mid-1700s when Marblehead had been prosperous as one of the ten largest towns in British North America. Women not only reversed a 200-year heritage of death at sea for so many of the town’s men and boys, but improved the town dramatically through the 1800s, socially, economically, and spiritually.

Robert Booth, research historian, mental health administrator, and the author of the award-winning book Death of An Empire (2011) and a new book, The Women of Marblehead, written for the 200th anniversary last year of the Marblehead Female Humane Society

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