[video] Blood on the Snow: Discovering the History of the Boston Massacre Through Site-Specific Theatre

What happens when two of Boston’s most important cultural resources—its Revolutionary-era historic sites and its talented performing artists—work together? Playwright Patrick Gabridge and historian Nathaniel Sheidley reflect on their experience with Blood on the Snow, the Bostonian Society’s critically-acclaimed play about the aftermath of the Boston Massacre. The play premiered at the Old State House in May 2016. The panelists will share the lessons they learned in developing this unusual, site-specific project and help audience members feel empowered to bring live theater to their own historic sites or museums.

Nathaniel Sheidley and Patrick Gabridge.  Nathaniel Sheidley (on Twitter @sheidley) is Historian and Director of Public History at the Bostonian Society.  Patrick Gabridge (on Twitter @PatrickGabridge and www.gabridge.comwrote the script for Blood on the Snow and the novel Steering to Freedom, about Civil War hero Robert Smalls.

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