[slides] Prince Demah, Portrait Painter, with Paula Bagger

Two 18th century portraits that have been on display since the 1920s in the Hingham Historical Society’s house museum, the Old Ordinary, have now been attributed to an enslaved African American artist.  Prince Demah‘s short life was eventful and included painting lessons in London, a brief commercial career in Boston, and service in an artillery regiment during[…]

[slides] Researching the Old Homesteads of Marlborough, with Chandra Lothian

There were 124 paintings of local homesteads and landscapes done by noted artist Ellen M Carpenter over the period 1875-1908.  These paintings appear in the book, “Historical Reminiscences of the Early Times in Marlborough, Massachusetts,” by Ella Bigelow, published in 1910. Today the paintings are owned easy to find: They’re on display at the Marlborough Library.  But what[…]

[slides] Soldiers in Our Homes: The French and Indian War & Quartering in Albany, New York, 1756-1763, with Liz Covart

Explores how the French and Indian War and the act of military quartering caused the people of Albany, New York to confront the British Empire in close, intimate terms. This talk will reveal the lasting implications of this confrontation and how it helped the people of Albany decide whether they would become Patriots, Loyalists, or[…]