[slides] Landsknecht 101: Reenacting 16th Century Mercenaries

You may not know what a Landsknecht is, but I can almost guarantee you’ve seen one. Landsknecht appear in military history games, on eCards circulating on Facebook, and at many renaissance faires around the country.  Landsknecht soldiers were the punk rockers of the renaissance, setting the fashion for everyone from burghers to kings. Henry VIII adopted their style from the tip of his feathered hats all the way down to his slashed square-toed shoes. Learn more about these mercenary soldiers who dominated European battlefields for almost a century and what it’s like to reenact their lives for the public.

Julie Stickler, founding member of Das Geld Fahnlein (on Facebook: @landsknechtguild) reenactment group and 16the century history nerd.

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