[slides] Researching the Old Homesteads of Marlborough, with Chandra Lothian

There were 124 paintings of local homesteads and landscapes done by noted artist Ellen M Carpenter over the period 1875-1908.  These paintings appear in the book, “Historical Reminiscences of the Early Times in Marlborough, Massachusetts,” by Ella Bigelow, published in 1910. Today the paintings are owned easy to find: They’re on display at the Marlborough Library.  But what about the houses?  Are they still standing?  What became of them?  In this session I’ll discuss my multi-year project–obsession?–with finding all of them and creating a site history for each, with photographs taken from the same angle and location as the original paintings.  I’ll describe the resources I used for researching old houses and sites, and show you the result, with “Then and Now” photographs.

Presenter: Chandra Lothian, Marlborough Historical Society Trustee.

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