[slides] Prince Demah, Portrait Painter, with Paula Bagger

Two 18th century portraits that have been on display since the 1920s in the Hingham Historical Society’s house museum, the Old Ordinary, have now been attributed to an enslaved African American artist.  Prince Demah‘s short life was eventful and included painting lessons in London, a brief commercial career in Boston, and service in an artillery regiment during the Revolution.  The one other known painting by Prince (now in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art) was found in a family collection in Worcester County, and we know that Prince made other portraits, both as a copyist and painting from life.  History Camp will be a great place to spread the news about this previously unknown artist: our area’s small museums and historical societies are the logical place to look for more of his works.

Presenter: Paula Bagger, a director of the Hingham Historical Society.

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