[video] How Governor Phips Stopped the Salem Witch Trials (sort of)

Freedom of Thought Day on October 12, a lesser-known-celebration, commemorates the day in 1692 when Massachusetts Governor Sir William Phips supposedly ended the witch trials.

But history and Massachusetts politics are seldom so straightforward. Despite growing opposition to the trials after nineteen executions and escalating accusations, Phips still had to deal with crowded prisons, potential British interference, public panic, and Chief Justice William Stoughton.

Hear how the tragedy nearly began all over again and how a tangle of incidents finally ended it for good.

Marilynne K. Roach, author of Six Women of Salem and The Salem Witch Trials: a Day-by-Day Chronicle of a Community Under Siege, and one of the group that verified the location of the 1692 hangings.

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