March 7: The Golden Ball Tavern Museum and the Unique Dilemma of Loyalist Isaac Jones

The Golden Ball Tavern Museum tells the story of a loyalist family (the Jones family) living through Revolutionary times.  Tour this historic house and learn about the events and documents that influenced Isaac’s position and how his actions impacted the Revolutionary story.  You will see archival documents that are not currently on display and, compared to[…]

July 20: Technological Marvels Tour of the Eustis Estate

When the Eustis Estate was built, it was a wonder of the age, with all the latest technological advances. W.E.C. Eustis, the original owner, was an engineer and kept up with the changing technologies of the time to keep the house current. This specialty tour will look at the latest advancements of the day and[…]

Old Ship Church in Hingham

September 15:  A Visit to Historic Hingham Square

We will take a private tour of three historic buildings Hingham Square. They’re all within walking distance, and weather and time permitting, we’ll see a number of others as we make our way through Hingham’s downtown. The Old Ordinary Since 1688, the Old Ordinary has been an inn, a tavern, a private home, and—since 1921—a[…]

Lemuel Clap House

May 19: Dorchester Historical Society Private Tour

Updated April 6: The initial 20 spots went quickly, so we’re adding another 20 and will split the groups. Thanks to Earl for being especially accommodating. We’ll enjoy a private tour of the Society’s five buildings, which are on two campuses, separated by about five blocks distance.  This should be a real treat.   735 Columbia Road[…]

February 10: Buckman Tavern and a Tour of the Lexington Historical Society’s Collection

Our tour will be led by Erica Dumont, Lexington Historical Society Executive Director, and Stacey Fraser, Collections Manager.  Stacey will discuss a some of the fascinating objects in the Society’s collection, such as the William Diamond drum, which called the militia into formation on Lexington Green on April 19, 1775. Stacey and Erica will also take our[…]

December 2: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

December 1 update: We have one spot available. It’s as a result of a cancellation. If you’re interested, contact me; you can work out payment with the person who cancelled later. (Ignore the “sold out” message below. When this spot is taken, I’ll update this page.) Take a private tour of the spectacular Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum before[…]

November 11: The Edmund Fowle House

Thanks to Marilynne Roach and the folks at the Watertown Historical Society, we have an opportunity to take a private tour of the Edmund Fowle House. The Fowle House was the headquarters of the executive branch of the Massachusetts legislature for a year and a half at the beginning of the Revolution when Watertown was the de facto[…]

Our “Behind the Scenes” Outings Planned for 2018

Nearly every month we head to a historic site for a one-of-a-kind experience designed for people who love history.  Our goal is to raise awareness of little-known institutions and their collections and to gain new insights into established institutions. The outings help both the individuals and the institutions. Notices go to the History Camp Boston[…]