How you can help

Thanks to all the folks who have volunteered during past years and to all those who have asked about how they can help make History Camp Boston 2018 a success.

I’ve listed a few ways below. Do you have other ideas, or would you like to tackle one of the things below that needs one or two people? If so, please let me know.


Tell your friends: Get the word out. Send people to We have people coming from several states outside of the region, so as you think about who may be interested, don’t limit yourself to New England.

Recruit historic sites and history organizations for Sunday: This will be the the second year we’ve expand to the weekend. Local institutions are invited to create programming for or otherwise extend an offer to attendees for Sunday, July 8. They may also wish to promote events earlier in the week for people who travel to the area to visit and sightsee before History Camp. (We already know of people flying in from Colorado and Texas, and coming up from Maryland.)

Special offers and events, either before History Camp or on the Sunday of History Camp Weekend will be posted here. Just send them in.

Figuring out streaming options for the event. Looking for one or two individuals to help me, Jake, and Phil investigate and put together a plan to, ideally, stream every session. We’re looking for folks with experience or the technical skills and determination to figure this out; later we’ll look for folks who will help with implementation. Please send me a note.

Early February

One or two people to help with an organized media relations effort. We’re looking for one or two volunteers who will help with outreach to the media (in all forms). Please let me know if you’re interested.

Around March 1

One or two people to plan Saturday night dinners. We’re looking for one or two volunteers to arrange these. People will be on their own, but with a little planning, it will be less of a scramble than it has been the last couple of years.

Here’s what we have in mind for whomever wishes to take this on: Block tables for a dozen or so people at four or five restaurants. Put up sign up sheets in the registration area and have them up throughout the day. Label one “Open” and let folks self-organize and pick a theme or area of interest for the others. Put up a sheet for “overflow” in case there are more people who want to join a group for dinner than we have spots. Make arrangements with additional restaurants, as needed. If you’re interested, please let me know.

Around July 1

Arrive one hour before registration opens to help with registration. If you would like to do that, please let me know.

At History Camp

Arrive as soon as registration opens, get checked in, and tell the person at the registration table that you’re there to help out. If there’s something we need a hand with, we’ll ask you if you’d like to help.