Drinks and dinner Saturday night

This year we’ve arranged with a nearby restaurant and bar to serve as our post-Camp gathering spot.

→ Sign up below if you plan to join us.

Carrie Nation—how is that for a name with historical resonance?—at 11 Beacon Street, is a few-minute walk from the Suffolk University Law School where History Camp Boston is held.  (See below for a map and photos.)

Neither drinks nor dinner are included in your History Camp registration, so you’ll be paying for whatever you consume. However, the restaurant is willing to provide individual checks, which eliminates the headache of figuring out who owes what when you have a large table of people.

The seating allows diners to break into natural conversational groups and the restaurant has already reserved tables for the History Camp.

Whether you stop by briefly or come and stay for the evening, I hope you’ll join us.

And if you’ve been to History Camp in prior years but weren’t able to come during the day this year, please join us in the evening.  Just sign up below.

— Lee Wright  |  Founder  |  The History List  |  History Camp

Directions from History Camp Boston to Carrie Nation
Carrie Nation exterior
Carrie Nation interior 1