August 10: Behind the Scenes at the Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of Medical History and Innovation and the Ether Dome

 The Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of Medical History and Innovation presents the 200-year evolution of health care and medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. The Ether Dome at MGH is the historic surgical amphitheater where surgical anesthesia was first successfully, publicly demonstrated in 1846. The visit will include a guided tour of the Ether Dome,[…]

July 20: Technological Marvels Tour of the Eustis Estate

When the Eustis Estate was built, it was a wonder of the age, with all the latest technological advances. W.E.C. Eustis, the original owner, was an engineer and kept up with the changing technologies of the time to keep the house current. This specialty tour will look at the latest advancements of the day and[…]

June 8: Discover General Washington’s Cambridge Headquarters at the Longfellow House

George Washington arrived in Cambridge at the beginning of July 1775. Two weeks later, he moved his headquarters to the abandoned mansion of John Vassall, along the road to Watertown. Slightly less than nine months later, the Commander-in-Chief would depart a changed man. During this period, Washington experienced things that profoundly shaped his development as[…]

May 4: Director’s Tour of the Gropius House

We will be visiting the former Lincoln home of Walter Gropius (1883-1969), the founder of the school of design known as the Bauhaus in Germany. The Bauhaus embraced new materials, new technology, and sought to create a new aesthetic, unencumbered by historical tradition. Students were taught that beauty was to be found in the economy[…]

April 6: Walking Tour of Boston Common with Bob Allison

Join Suffolk University History Professor Bob Allison on a tour of Boston Common & Public Garden–America’s oldest urban park, and public botanical garden. Both are filled with history, ranging from the Puritans and Indians to Martin Luther King and Pope John Paul II.  The entire history of the country encapsulated in two city blocks. When[…]

February 23: Private Tour of the Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum

The Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum founder, James McGough, and Geri Tremblay, President of the Board of Directors and Trustee of the Museum, look forward to presenting Cyrus Dallin: Sculptor, painter, and citizen.  While you might not recognize the name, you surely know his work, which includes the Revere Statue near the Old North Church, and[…]

January 26: PEM behind the scenes and a curator’s tour of “Empresses of China’s Forbidden City”

Dr. Daisy Yiyou Wang, the Robert N. Shapiro Curator of Chinese and East Asian Art and the curator of the Peabody-Essex Museum’s special exhibit, “Empresses of China’s Forbidden City,” will give us a tour and describe what went into putting together this exhibition, including the years-long planning, and provide a look behind the scenes at the[…]